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Toddlers Explore Paint and Shaving Cream!

November 4, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Last week, the toddlers shed their clothes and donned smocks for some paint and shaving cream messy fun! Using the sensory table as a big bowl, we squeezed in paint and sprayed shaving cream on top of paper. The toddlers ran their hands and fingers along the paper, making lines and streaks of different colors mixed with the puffy white shaving cream. Then, we added our bumpy sensory balls to the mix. Nolan and Nick slid their balls back and forth in the paint, making more streaks and getting the balls covered! Ava patted her ball into the paint and then onto the paper. The younger toddlers liked feeling the paint in their hands and holding the paint covered balls. Once the paper got too wet and started ripping, we took it out and used the balls and paint on the sensory table bottom. They moved the balls in different ways like bouncing and rolling them. Since the balls were covered in paint, they made tracks and marks on the table as they moved along! There are many learning outcomes in an experience like this.  Children are building relationships with their peers, exploring the properties of paint and shaving cream and exploring art materials. Needless to say, paint got everywhere! A couple toddlers even needed baths!


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