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Infants Explore Treasure Baskets in Small Group

December 10, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Our infants manipulated and explored treasure baskets during small group time today.  Each of them were given a basket containing a tennis ball tube and clothespins.  They each explored their basket in their own way. Nadia carefully removed a clothespin, then held it in front of her face, examining it.  She then brought it to her mouth and explored it that way for a while.  Elijah tipped his basket over and grabbed both the tube and a clothespin that had fallen out.  He used trial and error when trying to figure out how to get the clothespin into the container, he would put his whole hand in while holding the pin, and really had to work hard to figure out how to open his hand to let it drop.  Zeb picked up his whole basket, and spilled it on to his lap.  He mouthed the tube while he rolled onto his side.  He dropped the tube when he saw the clothespins and grabbed one in each hand and mouthed them. He also explored the basket, pulling the handles with each hand and tossing it, then scooting after it. They all noticed and watched what the other children were doing. They also watched me as I explored my own set of materials.  These sorts of simple materials allow the children to practice their small muscle skills, to experiment with scientific concepts like experimenting and predicting and with building relationships with other children. Enjoy the photos!


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