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Small Group Time in the Cottage Preschool

December 10, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Small group time is one of the most significant parts of the High Scope daily routine. Small groups allow teachers to support the children in their family group by extending their explorations, learning experiences and to introduce children to new experiences. The children are provided with materials that they are able to explore in their own way, and they are selected based on the children’s interests and abilities. Here are a few small group activities we have done this past month!

Magna tiles and blocks are a hit in preschool! These are versatile materials that teach problem solving, geometry, numbers and counting, measurement, and experimenting and predicting. These are also materials that encourage interaction among peers, so children also learn how to play and communicate with others! During this small group the children used blueprints as a way to add more details to their creations.



The preschoolers explored shaving cream with their hands and paint brushes! They began by spreading it out all over the table, then went on to write their names in the shaving cream, draw pictures of their families, as well as draw shapes!

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Today we used unifix cubes to make two, three, and even four part patterns! Some children chose to build with them as well, using the cubes to make their families! Unifix cubes are great for strengthening small finger muscles, counting, measuring, and learning the language associated with math and measurement.

2014-12-10 10.58.58

2014-12-10 10.58.11

2014-12-10 10.09.03  2014-12-10 11.01.36

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