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Large Muscle Activities for the Preschool!

January 22, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

The children in our preschool class have had so much energy these past few weeks and the teachers have been working hard to support them. As you know, the weather hasn’t always been in our favor. So, we really needed to get creative.
This morning for large group we brought the children to the gym and got out the big blue tumbling mats. We invited the children to participate in an activity that would work out all their large muscles.
We asked the children to “tow” each other across the gym on the big blue mats. The teachers offered their helping hands with the “towing” but the children were very independent and wanted to do it on their own.
They started with just one child on top, then two, and they even towed their teachers! It was such a fun way to get there muscles moving and blood pumping! As we know all this moving is good for the children’s brain development. ┬áHere’s a link to an article that talks about research showing the importance of movement to brain development:

“Why Your Classroom Needs More Dance Parties”

Stay warm out there!


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