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We’re Enjoying Going Outside!

March 29, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Bitter cold February has finally left us and we’re able to go outside! We were really excited to get outside more than we have been able to recently. While we still managed to get active, large muscle play into each day, nothing beats some fresh air and plenty of room to run!

Children immediately asked for the shovels, big and small, and they began to dig into the mounds of snow that line our sidewalk.  We shoveled the path to our climber, allowing children who are still getting used to moving around in snow pants and boots to access the snowy parts of our playground.  Saeko and Alexandra climbed up and down the climber and went down the slide.  Nick and Rehan trudged through the snow to get to hidden items like the tunnel and glider.

With it being warmer, we were able to dig out toys that were previously frozen.  Caroline and Yazan explored the cars, problem solving getting in and out of them with their bulky winter gear on. Ryan, Nick, and Caroline pushed lawnmowers, strollers, and shopping carts across the sidewalk, maneuvering around ice chunks that they smashed on the ground. We’ve even tried sledding. The icy snow made the sled go super fast!

Now that spring has officially arrived we are so happy to explore the playground! Enjoy the photos!



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