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Leaves, Leaves Everywhere in I/T

November 17, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

We are well into the fall season here in the Infant/Toddler Room. The trees that help shade our playground throughout the summer have changed color and dropped their leaves. The children love the leaves! We have had a lot of help raking the leaves and scooping them up into crates, wheelbarrows, leaf bags, and the compost bin.

We work a lot of fun into our leaf clean-up, too. Big piles of leaves are perfect for jumping into! The toddlers like scooping up big handfuls and tossing them into the air or loading up a wheelbarrow to push around the playground. They have found many ways to use the leaves. Coming soon, we’ll see what they do with the snow!

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Toddlers Explore Paint and Shaving Cream!

November 4, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Last week, the toddlers shed their clothes and donned smocks for some paint and shaving cream messy fun! Using the sensory table as a big bowl, we squeezed in paint and sprayed shaving cream on top of paper. The toddlers ran their hands and fingers along the paper, making lines and streaks of different colors mixed with the puffy white shaving cream. Then, we added our bumpy sensory balls to the mix. Nolan and Nick slid their balls back and forth in the paint, making more streaks and getting the balls covered! Ava patted her ball into the paint and then onto the paper. The younger toddlers liked feeling the paint in their hands and holding the paint covered balls. Once the paper got too wet and started ripping, we took it out and used the balls and paint on the sensory table bottom. They moved the balls in different ways like bouncing and rolling them. Since the balls were covered in paint, they made tracks and marks on the table as they moved along! There are many learning outcomes in an experience like this.  Children are building relationships with their peers, exploring the properties of paint and shaving cream and exploring art materials. Needless to say, paint got everywhere! A couple toddlers even needed baths!


Fall Has Arrived in the Infant/Toddler Room

October 22, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

One day, about a week and a half ago, some fall decorations arrived while the children were sleeping. When the toddlers went outside in the afternoon, they immediately discovered the new items on the playground! They touched the larger pumpkins and carried around the smaller pumpkins and gourds. The bales of straw were perfect places for sitting and climbing! A favorite activity was putting the small pumpkins and gourds in the back of the cars and driving around with them. The infants explored pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and pieces of straw while playing on a blanket. The squirrels have also discovered the pumpkins and gourds, so we have been seeing them on our playground a lot lately!

Infant Toddler Mystery Readers

April 1, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

March was Reading Month! We were so lucky to have 8 different readers, three of whom included siblings from the School Age and Young 5s room. Our children loved hearing different books as well as listening to different readers. One parent even read in a different language (Swedish). Our door is always open to anyone who would like to read to our children at any time! Thanks again, Mystery Readers!


Fun with Shaving Cream in the Infant/Toddler room

February 17, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

The toddlers have been very interested in the hotwheel cars. Every time we introduce a different material, such as paint, sand or water, the toddlers ask for the cars. When we asked them if they wanted to explore shaving cream, they immediately asked for the cars. We squirted the shaving cream on the table, and the toddlers began to explore!They experienced cause and effect when they drove the cars around, and they became covered in the shaving cream. They problem solved by taking the cars to the sink to wash them off. The toddlers would wash their cars and return to the shaving cream to drive them around some more.

It was a fun and engaging activity. The toddlers finished up by washing all the cars in bins of water and helping clean the table.

Infants and Toddlers Explore Pumpkins and Gourds!

November 8, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

The kids loved the arrival of our fall items. There were many different shapes and colors of gourds and pumpkins to explore! Many times we would stop at the straw bale on the way to the playground to touch and talk about the items. The kids loved taking some of the smaller ones on to the playground. They would put them in the back of their cars as they drove around and bury them in the sand. We often started our time outside with a scavenger hunt to find where the gourds were left the day before. One day one of the kids suggested that we paint the pumpkins.

First, we brought the pumpkins inside to touch and explore. Then we put out sponge brushes and lots of paint. The children were so excited when they realized they could splatter the paint onto the pumpkin. They kept splattering and splattering until almost all the paint was used. We displayed the pumpkins in the classroom. The children contiue to go up to them, talk about them, and touch them.
~Jessica and Allison

Infants and Toddlers Explore Bubbles!

October 2, 2013 by · 1 Comment 

Our children all love exploring bubbles outside, so we thought we would bring some different bubbles inside. We filled bins with baking soda and some squeeze bottles with vinegar and water color. Then the exploring began! Some of the children squeezed lightly and released a small amount of vinegar. They made a small patch of bubbles. Other children squeezed very hard and squirted out lots of vinegar. They ended up with a big heap of bubbles in their baking soda. The children each had a different color in his/her bottle. Some of them noticed that the person next to them had a different color, so they shared their bottles and had more than one color of bubbles in their bin.

Jessica Lapp and Allison Rogers